Stand in Gratitude

If we pay attention to our lives, we can find many things to be grateful for. Regardless if they are seen as small or large, blessings come in all shapes and forms. We have to take time to be grateful for those things we can sometimes take for granted such as the eyes to read this post. I am grateful to be able to walk, talk, read, write, hear, and type these words. I am grateful as my husband prays at each dinner “to be in the right frame of mind.” I am grateful that my son is alive as I just found out that a two-year old died a few days ago strangled by the cord to the window blinds. Do we not know that anything can be taken from us at any given time? Any freak accident can happen at any given time.

Have you taken time today to stand in gratitude today? What are you grateful for? Will this be a one time event, if you did? Or will you continue to live a life of gratitude. This is how we teach our children to be grateful and happier. Please feel free to share your comments as you become more conscious of the life you have.

Until next time,

Timika Chambers

A Poem: Freedom from Apology

Freedom from Apology
I am going to be the best
That I can be
With or without an apology.

I am worthy and deserve respect
There is no one who can deny that fact.

I release my anger, fear, guilt
Resentment, shame, and tension.
After all that I have been through,
They deserve to be mentioned.

I let go of the pain,
Mental and spiritual
It can weigh me down
Til there is no more physical

I forgive all of the perceived wrongs
Done to me,
I have to let them go and set myself free

Because I am going to be
The best that I can be
With or without an apology.

Timika Chambers