Guilt-free 2020

Photo by Snapwire on   I do not have to be sad. I do not have to hold on to anger, disappointment, and rage. I do not have to get sick. I do not have to treat my children like I was treated as a child. I do not have to get a chronic […]

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To grow or not to grow…

Have you been avoiding someone or something? Sometimes, we must do things that we do not like or want to do. You maybe right at the door of opportunity. What are you waiting for? Timika

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Candle: It may only light part of your way

Candle A candle may only light your first step.  Continue to believe that things will work out for your good as you pursue your journey to personal growth.  We may not see what is ahead of us, and many people who have accomplished their dreams, their calling ( Florence Nightingale, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie,  Oprah, […]

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