The decision only you can make

If we have not made a desired goal a priority, how do we expect to achieve that goal in a desired time? We will always be able to think of reasons not to start, continue, or finish a project. We all have “life issues.”  And, we all have 24 hours in a day.

I am not trying to undervalue what someone is going through. In fact as a coach, mentor, and a human being, I aim to understand what someone is going through and offer strategies to help them overcome perceived barriers.
Life is definitely a balancing act and a chance to tap into your unlimited creativity.

Heal within,


Our actions & words do matter. Look & listen closely;  we have imitators. What we say & do will eventually come out & be shown. If not by you, then it will be those who have been around you. What is our responsibility in this world?

Directly and/ or indirectly we have an effect.

Freedom from Apology

Freedom from Apology


I am going to be the best,

That I can be,

With or without an apology.


I am worthy and deserve respect,

There is no one who can deny that fact.

Who I am and who I become is my responsibility,

I am the Captain in the driver’s seat.


I release my anger, fear, and guilt,

Resentment, shame, and tension.

After all that I have been through,

They deserve to be mentioned.


Yet, I cannot sit here and deny,

All the pain I had inside.

Today, I choose to let go of the pain,

Mentally and spiritually drained,

I allowed the pain to weigh me down,

I gave you my power and was left with a frown.


I was blinded by the anger and bitterness,

I could not see the purpose in all of it

It was more than just an apology to me.

See, I wanted you to know that you hurt me.


I, now, know I have a divine right

To enjoy my life with all my might.


So, I forgive all the perceived wrongs

Done to me,

I must let them go and set myself free,

Because I am going to be,

The best that I can be,

With or without your apology.