Are We More Than Our Experiences, Self-imposed labels, and Sabotages?

Is the state of our character and spirit dependent on how others treat us or see us? If we allow people to change us, what did we believe about ourself in the first place?

I am confident that we can only be and do what we internalize. If we think we are powerless, then we will be indecisive and stand in confusion. We will allow negative seeds to penetrate our subconscious and become “someone unlike ourselves.” If we believe we are strong, then our choices, majority of the time, we will eat healthy foods, spend quiet time alone, and be active.

It was easier for me when I was younger to see the tests of life. I must remind myself to ask what is it that life wants to strengthen in me instead of feeling sorry for myself or feel that someone is attacking me.

Make this lifetime great!


You Are Still Here

Concern yourself less with what others are doing and be curious about yourself and the greatness within you.

There are no mistakes…only possibilities….Who are you and What are you here to do?
Make this lifetime great! You are still here!
Timika Chambers
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