How You Can Regain Your Sense of Self-Worth After An Unwanted Experience

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All of us experience some form of disappointment in our lives. But how do we recover from broken expectations and prevent further damage to our self-worth? 

Here are four steps to help you remember your worth.

  1. You acknowledge the experience for what it is. You don’t need to pretty up the story or tell a different story to achieve inner peace. Many of the emotions (anger, etc.)and feelings (incompetent, etc.) we experience come from denying reality.
  2. Part ways psychologically and physically, if you can. You decide the life you want to live and set the standard for future experiences (relationships, employment, and other areas of your life).
  3. Learn from your experiences. Early on, I chose the student approach to life instead of always seeing myself as the victim. Self-empowerment comes from learning how to navigate life based on what you learn from previous experiences. 
  4. Create moments of stillness to reflect on lessons learned. Throughout my day, I take time to reflect on my experiences. Stillness is not about where you are but achieving inner peace despite where you are. Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for quiet moments, but sometimes I can’t wait until the kids go to bed or go outside on the deck to achieve calmness.
  5. Focus on what you learned instead of the person (teacher) who reminded you of something you already knew. What is the message out of your experience that you needed to know?

We can turn broken expectations into opportunities by not taking our experiences personally, separating our worth from experience, setting our life navigation on learning, and creating time to reflect on what we learned and not our teacher.

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Make this lifetime great!


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A Sunday Refresh

Hi there!
I hope you are refueling yourself with some relaxation! When you reflect on the past, do you see your strengths or weaknesses? Do you see pain or even little moments of happiness?
Somewhere in you is the joy, peace, and love that transcends your experiences.

Are you looking for yourself today? Are you reuniting with your inner child who has dreams and hopes for a better life? Are you letting your past and current circumstances kill your convictions and inspirations or shut down the whisper that says “you are worthy of your dreams?”

You deserve joy, love, and to fulfill your purpose. You decide who and what you want from your experiences.

Take time to remember the child within and a moment to separate yourself from your experiences.

Make this lifetime great! Today, remember who you are.

Timika Chambers

MSN BSN RN, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, ACE Fitness Instructor, CDCES

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How To Heal From Childhood Sexual Abuse. Step One is to Acknowledge All of Your Truths

I refuse to be a victim. I am a student of life.

I believe all of us are students and teachers of life. Every experience provides us information about ourselves, including our views on life.

At 5 years old, two family members misused my developing body. I knew it wasn’t my fault they abused me, for no child is the cause of an adult’s behavior. But, I still experienced anger, guilt, shame, resentment, and vengeance. Then, I realized that the above emotions were distractions to me moving forward with my life, which is my divine right to enjoy.

The two family members were my first teachers. I didn’t deny what happened, for every cell of my body knew what happened. I learned who I didn’t want to be, and therefore, who I wanted to be.

I have some questions for you. Are you still angry at your teachers? Are you suffering from something they did to you such as lack of restful sleep, balanced and proper nutrition, peace of mind, and living your divine purpose? What that person or persons did may not have been right, but do you deserve to be imprisoned by anger, anxiety, resentment, shame, and other life-draining emotions and feelings?

I believe that many of our physical symptoms stem from unhealed pain. Many people suffer from this cycle of pain (chronic and rare health conditions), but you don’t have to. In other words, someone acted from their pain when they hurt you, but you don’t have to carry their baggage.

As you know, the truth is not always easy to accept, but the truth is essential to our healing. I could not take back my childhood experience with sexual abuse, but I could incorporate the lessons I learned from it. One thing I learned is who I didn’t want to be.

The theme for this week and June will be on how to acknowledge the truth after childhood sexual abuse. Once we accept the truth, we open the door to our individualized healing path. We realize that we no longer need to suffer, and it is our right to learn from our experiences, live our divine purpose, and love ourselves and others.

Make this lifetime great! This is your life, and you deserve all the good things in store for you.

To Your Best Health!