Martyr: It’s your call

Martyr If we find ourselves seeking attention through pain and suffering, then let’s dig deep inside to the root of our behavior.  Being a maryr, in a sense of exaggerating your suffering, may not bring you the positive reactions you seek. I believe that unless someone proves you wrong, believe what he or she says.  […]

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Culture: What will we do?

Culture Are you able to see the beauty and truth in someone else’s culture? I am thankful for the diverse cultures that we have and so much truth and value in what others practice.  I believe that there is so much to learn from other cultures instead of belittling and discriminating groups of people because […]

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Freedom from Apology

Freedom from Apology   I am going to be the best, That I can be, With or without an apology.   I am worthy and deserve respect, There is no one who can deny that fact. Who I am and who I become is my responsibility, I am the Captain in the driver’s seat.   […]

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