If only life was that simple….

Simple Are we making life harder than what it really is? What did you do today or within the last week to put yourself closer to achieving your dreams? Some people have: Quit their day job, Reduced their work hours, Left a relationship that was not working, Started using a calendar to jot down their […]

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Banned Many educators and psychologist say that age 3-5 is a critical time for learning and helping to structure young children’s mind. I believe many behaviors and skills seen in adults are rooted in childhood. As a Nurse Educator and Certified Diabetes Educator, I have seen a lot of adults suffer from low self-efficacy. The […]

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Tiny feet

Tiny Tiny feet are what I wished for, As I carefully placed the picture on my vision board, I visualized a boy and a girl, that’s all I wanted in this whole world, to guide love, protect, and teach, little did I know, back in 2011, it was all within my reach, I […]

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