Yep…it is Monday….

Are you ready? Time is moving.  Of course, you still have dreams/ visions for your life and your children’s life. The only way we are going to leave the legacy is by doing the work…..Your dreams were giving to you for a reason. Believe that you have the resources to make your dreams come true. 

Your health or other circumstances do not determine your outcomes. You determine the next steps you are going to take to get you were you need to go. 


What are you thinking about this morning? Are your thoughts building you up or tearing you down? I hope your thoughts are  strengthening your foundation of truth. 

Make today great! 


What are you thinking of?

Are we missing things in life because we have not dealt with our fears, insecurities, honed in on our identity and what we want out of life? 

The things we see or the things that are lit for us to see may be a reflection of our mindset. If we have thoughts such as divisiveness, then we tend to see how we are all different and will act accordingly. If we have thoughts of hope and resiliency, then we are made aware of all the things to be hopeful for, and we see the strength in others; we tend to be hopeful of life and what it has to offer.

What thoughts consume your mind? Our actions do not lie. We can put our mouth to say anything we want. 

Make your day great!