Daily Archives: April 10, 2019

Rides of life

How do we ride the ride and remain seated? Nothing lasts forever. One of the principles my mother taught us is to “Live another day.” When times get hard, what do you fall back on (ice cream, cookies, cake, sleep for hours, angry words, fighting, fussing, fixations on cleanliness or fitness, etc.) What helps you […]

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I have had better days.  I did not feel well yesterday. I checked my blood pressure, and it was higher than normal.  I have noticed that there seems to be a poopy day right before a breakthrough day.  I can blame how I felt on hormones, low vitamin D, and others.  Or, I can face […]

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Disrespect starts at home

Good morning Beautiful Beings 😀! We teach our children how to behave at home. We must teach our children that it is not okay to hit, to call us outside our names, or any other disrespectful act. Make today great! Timika #children #parenting #home #quotes #mother #struggle #healing #moveforward #respect #nohitting #domesticviolence #abuse #freedom #mindset […]

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