Bullying: Self-control in 2020

Although I feel like that keeping our hands to ourselves is a behavior backed by common sense, I could not help but have the conversation today with our children. Everybody has the right to experience unlimited freedom and joy without belittling or disempowering others. True happiness is not the result of making someone else feel like they are less than you.

On the way to school, we talked about the importance of using the word “stop”, and that it is okay to tell people that “this is my body.” Our body is our personal property, and we have every right to teach others how we want our personal body to be treated. Many children are learning that it is not okay to call people by demeaning names, get in the face of others, push, pull, and other behaviors and these actions are violations of our personal property. I tell Cam and Cayla that how they treat each other is the model for treating others. We must address, report, and deal with behaviors that do not align with basic human rights.

We must teach our children the importance of respecting others and regulating their behaviors. No child is too young to be taught the concept of respect. All hearts and minds know the right thing to do. If we do not teach our children, through consistent actions and words, how else will they learn how to control their behaviors?

From My Heart to Yours,


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