My Responsibility

Early on, I disagreed with the stereotypical roles of men and women when it came to cleaning/maintaining a home. Responsibility is responsibility regardless of gender. Family is about teamwork, and no one should feel that all the work is falling on them. If you can do it, then why not do it?

Now that I have my family, including a girl and a boy, I am passionate about them helping out to maintain our living quarters. I want our children to be self-sufficient, and at the same time, let others do their part.

Our children make their beds everyday…sometimes a struggle, sometimes not. I do lend a hand every once a while, which gives me an opportunity to reinforce the teamwork principle. They help out in the garden, dishes, and they do a much thorough cleaning of their rooms on the weekend. They have assigned bathrooms to clean and stock each Friday. Our son sets the trash and out and pulls it back in the next day. Our daughter helps with sweeping and mopping the floor. Both of them help with the garden, such as picking weeds, harvesting food, and planting seeds.

I refuse to ingrain certain behaviors that do not serve the family. Women aren’t the only ones who are supposed to maintain a home. The “sit back and let you do it, and I go have fun or do what I want to do” method is not fair to my children, me, or any other female or male.

Men and women are here for reasons. God gave us all abilities, gifts, and talents to express.

I never called myself a feminist, nor do I see myself as such. I believe in fairness and teamwork as a significant part of a family’s foundation. It’s not always easy to delegate chores or for our children to complete them and sometimes not in a timely manner, but it’s worth it. Past my frustrations at times…I’m getting better….I know that consistency and persistency with a some love and tender care, will pay off.

To Your Best Health!


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