My Mother Told Us To “Take Care Of Home First”

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If You Don’t Learn At Home,

And, as we know, the streets are always so kind. As a child, I heard and saw enough to know that I’d rather listen to my mother, especially if her teachings resonated within me.

After my experience with child sexual abuse, I didn’t run away from home or think about running away from home. Where was I going to go? I accepted what happened, and I took the experience as a learning lesson, like many of my experiences. I’d rather learn and be better prepared for the next experience.

I’m passing this wisdom on to my children and my children’s children. A legacy is not only financial. Character is essential to everything we do.

Make this lifetime great!


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The Now and Later Concept

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As a child, I remember looking at a pack of now & later (currently manufactured by Ferrara Candy Company, original producer The Phoenix Company), my favorite childhood candy, and thought what a great concept to use about eating. When People Diagnosed With Diabetes (PDWD) ask me if they can have fruits and other foods, I tell them usually yes, especially if no known problems (allergies, etc.) with the particular food.

Much of what I tell people with diabetes, such as balancing their meals and eating in moderation, everyone should be doing. When I follow the eat now and save some for later principle, I don’t have to worry about excess weight unlike my binge on vanilla wafers I had a few months ago.

For more information about what many PDWD may consider as problem foods, check out my guest blogs on Diathrive.

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