About Timika, The Lioness

Hi there! I am a spirit in a divine body hand-crafted by God, a mother of two beautiful spirits, and married to my college sweetheart. I love reading educational, empowering, and inspirational books in the self-help genre and watching true-life stories, bloopers, and somewhat clean comedies. In addition, I enjoy making healthier versions of traditional foods, and I am currently working on childhood favorites (Snickers, Twix), ice cream (butter pecan and black walnut), and others.

I believe everyone has a purpose of fulfilling on earth; through our experiences, our purpose is revealed. Greatness leaves trails, and you have greatness within you. Nothing external defines us, for we have already been defined, justified, and glorified.


Out of a desperate need to understand why people hurt others, around ten years old, Timika followed her mother’s instructions and “sought God for herself.” Many events followed after she called out to a Higher Power, including reading the entire New King James Bible, storing the Lord’s prayer in her heart, and identifying with Jesus. Throughout Timika’s personal & professional life as a BSN and Master’s prepared nurse,  she observed how emotional wounds often lay at the root of many physical ailments and unhealthy adult behaviors. Finally, during the coronavirus pandemic, Timika transitioned to a full-time writer listening and speaking to people’s hearts. She facilitates spiritual awareness through literary works such as autobiographies, memoirs, screenplays, children’s books, poetry, and general nonfiction self-help. Her mission is to provide the necessary space for people to tell their stories and display stories emphasizing the purpose and resiliency of the human spirit.   In addition, she engages audiences with educational, empowering, and inspiring messages on her website, medium, Twitter, and podcast. Timika’s hobbies include transforming the foods she loves into healthier versions,  gardening, watching biographies, comedy, and transformational movies, reading, and spending time with her husband and two children, a boy and a girl, in Tillamook, Oregon. Timika’s vision is that millions of people own, nourish, and express their divine purpose and spiritual fruits (Galatians 5:22-23). People realize their bodies are the vehicles for their earthly mission and commit to achieving and maintaining optimal health.   In addition, millions of people heal from their wounds, replacing the cycle of pain with generational Love and restoring the family concept. 

I believe in the power of principles; they have helped me weather the storms of life, and you can receive five of these spiritual truths today by clicking the link below.



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Make this lifetime great because you still can!


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