A Spiritual Approach To Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

There is more to life than my childhood sexual abuse experience.

Around five years old, two family members led me into the dark wilderness of sexual abuse, one by force and the other with kindness and games. After the secret was out, one of the male family members denied his involvement, and I was called a liar. At the crossroads of anger, disappointment, and shame, I chose to “align myself with nature” and seek a relationship with God.

A series of events took place. Here are some of the things I used to create my healing path from childhood sexual abuse. 1. I read the entire King James Bible. 2. I resonated with the portrayal of Jesus. 3. I learned the Lord’s prayer. 4. I spent time sitting on the porch admiring the strength of trees and enjoying nature. 5. I dismantled myths (weeds) planted healthy seeds (affirmations) in my garden. 6. I realized that life was about character building. 7. I adopted my mother’s life principles. 8. I sought God’s divine messages in my experiences 9. I listened more to the Voice within. 10. I chose to learn from life instead of becoming a victim of life. 11. I entered a path (nursing) that taught me about self-actualization, conditioning, and how others used trauma and mishaps to unleash their purpose in life.

At a young age, I knew my life did not end with abuse. My spiritual awakening had just begun. Although I have had my highs and lows, I took what I learned and applied many of the lessons I learned, including those from childhood sexual abuse, to my life. I cannot change the past, but I am in control of my future

I am not a victim. I choose the spiritual approach to life. I am here to express God.

Make this lifetime great!


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