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Diabetes Health: Your Nervous System

Hi there,I hope your Saturday is off to a great start! I’ve started a new series under Diabetes Health. I’m breaking down each system and providing tips on how you can support that system. Although we have individual systems, each system makes up you and helps you function to your optimal level of health. The […]

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Our Mexican-Inspired Tuesday Dinner

Hi there! I do like meals my way. I wanted nachos for dinner on our Mexican-inspired Tuesday. My toppings are brown rice, asparagus, guacamole, plain yogurt, salsa, spinach, tomatoes, sautéed chicken breast pieces, onions & green peppers. Of course, I made a cheese sauce. I will use the rest of the chicken for pasta inspired […]

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Home Cooking Is a Way to Release your Creativity.

Hi there Spiritual Beings! I hope your weekend is off to a great start. Home cooking can seem daunting for some, but like other experiences, we need to change our beliefs to change how we feel about cooking at home. Home cooking is not about getting the measurements right but allowing your inner creativity to […]

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