Our Mexican-Inspired Tuesday Dinner

Hi there!

I do like meals my way. I wanted nachos for dinner on our Mexican-inspired Tuesday. My toppings are brown rice, asparagus, guacamole, plain yogurt, salsa, spinach, tomatoes, sautéed chicken breast pieces, onions & green peppers. Of course, I made a cheese sauce.

I will use the rest of the chicken for pasta inspired Wednesday and Thursday.

Here is a sample of my flexible weekly meal planning. It’s so tempting to eat fast food, but the prices have increased. How are you reducing temptation and saving your money or using it to fund your purpose?

Make this lifetime great because you still can!

So, how are you taking care of your body while achieving your divine purpose? And, if you have children, how are you helping them to do the same?

Timika Chambers

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