Real Power Sees The Power In Others

There is no need for comparison, jealousy, and feeling inadequate. The illusion is that there is not enough for everyone. The truth is that there is more than enough, and you have the power to make it so.
Every life has purpose. Before you shut people down, turn on the lights….your light.
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Health & You

1174D575-20E6-48EF-B01D-DB4B820644DBHow much do you think about your health? What does your health mean to you? Your children? Your legacy?


To Your Best Health & Life!

Timika Chambers

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


June is the month for men

Good morning Beautiful people! I hope your summer is off to a fantastic start.
June is the designated month for men’s health. Let’s try to remind the men in our life (brothers, uncles, nephews, husbands, significant others, fathers, and friends), the importance of taking care of their health.
Read my June blog here. I would love to hear from you. What is one thing that you see men are struggling with when it comes to their health?
To Your Best Health & LIfe!
Timika Chambers
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Transformational Health Coach