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This Analogy May Change Your Mind About Physical Activity

Hi there! In this video, I share one of why it’s essential to move your body. One of my brothers brought up this concept, which is the visual I’m sharing with you today. Do you want more tips on achieving and sustaining health?  Then, 1. Join my Facebook page, Fulfill Your Divine Purpose 2. . Sign […]

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What’s Your Health Mindset?

Hi there!  I have five questions for you today.  1. What is the role of your body?  2. Who chooses your health state? 3. Are you willing to change how you think about your health and make some health changes now that will benefit you in the future? 4. What is your health mindset? 5. […]

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Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Digestive Health

Off and on, over the years, I’ve had a few instances of abdominal discomfort. Usually, it was lying down after eating, eating something spicy, or other indigestion problems. I never attributed stomach issues to my childhood sexual abuse experience. I didn’t even know digestive issues were a potential consequence of childhood trauma.  But, in 2020, […]

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