What’s Your Health Mindset?

Hi there! 

I have five questions for you today. 

1. What is the role of your body? 

2. Who chooses your health state?

3. Are you willing to change how you think about your health and make some health changes now that will benefit you in the future?

4. What is your health mindset?

5. Do you have a fatalistic approach towards your health, meaning whatever someone else experiences or gets, you will get, too?

 For years, I said if I am around people with a cold, I will get their cold. And guess what happened? I got a cold. But in 2019, when my mind was more on my son, getting him well from the flu and eating healthy food (Kale and green tea), no one in my household got sick from the flu but Cam. So then, later in 2019, I began thinking about how I was susceptible to catching something because I stopped eating a lot of Kale and drinking Green Tea. And guess what, I got sick. But in 2021, after experiencing some cold-like symptoms while sitting at my desk, I said, “No, I can’t afford to get sick. “The symptoms went away immediately. 

Throughout my over 20 year career in the healthcare field (nurse, educator, health coach) and my personal life, I gained more understanding about the mind and health state. I observed how thoughts often became a reality. 

I’m sure you have stories to tell, and somewhere deep within you, you may believe that your mind is critical to achieving and sustaining optimal health.

So, especially if you are experiencing health issues, try to get to the root of your mental attitude because your mental attitude is the hard drive for your body. I believe that where the problem lies, so often, does the solution.

 Make this lifetime great! You still can!


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