Connections Academy: A Grateful Mother

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I am so grateful for Connections Academy!

I had several concerns for the 2021-2022 school season and beyond, and Connections Academy filled in the gaps (bullying, communication, flexibility, free books, learning languages, socialization, and others). God answered our prayers through my husband. One day, Carl said, “I think we should try online education for Cam and Cayla.” So, we did, and I haven’t looked back.

Here are five reasons why I can’t thank Connections Academy enough.

  1. Connections Academy offers flexibility. My family and I have time for Breakfast and Devotion every morning. We discuss the family’s plan for the day, including our children’s classes. Do you have time every morning to dress your children’s minds with principles and Truth every day?
  2. Connections Academy embodies the Truth that education should not be hard. The teachers help the students to be successful by educating, communicating, and inspiring my children to do their best. Most importantly, they listen and respond appropriately!!!! Have you felt that the teachers were not helping your child?
  3. Connections Academy is sensitive to our children’s socializing needs. For example, Cam and Cayla attend Live Lessons (teacher and students) twice a day in which Cam and Cayla see other students. In addition, connections Academy offers virtual field trips and student meet-ups. Do you fear enrolling your child in an online program because you feel they will miss out on socialization?
  4. Connections Academy offers Free language courses. Cam is learning Chinese, and Cayla is learning Sign Language for Free. I am all about Free Good and not illusions that promise Free. In addition, Cam speaks to a Native Chinese individual regularly. Have you ever been told that the school offers a language, but then later said that your children couldn’t participate in the language program because they are at the max? Will the college you hope your child will attend want language credits?
  5. Connections Academy‘s approach to learning gives me access to my children’s progress and upcoming classes. For example, I can see all their classes’ grades and review quizzes and tests. Connections Academy has a calendar and planner for each student, and I have access to this calendar. How many times have you wondered what your children were learning?

There are so many other reasons why I love Connections Academy. But, I have to go now.

Make this lifetime great! You still can.

Check out my Connections Academy referral Link below.

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