Diabetes Health: Your Respiratory System

Hi there! The essence of nature resides within us. The lungs within our respiratory system work like trees by bringing in vital gas (oxygen) to help our bodies grow and thrive. Unfortunately, people with Diabetes (PDD) are at an increased risk of experiencing disruption of their respiratory system, which can cause a host of other […]

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Happy Mother’s Day to You!!!

Good morning to you!! May you know that you are appreciated every day and not just one day a year. I am so thankful for my mother Thelma Jones. I didn’t really know what motherhood entailed until I became one. However, as a girl, I knew of many of my mother’s sacrifices. I admired her […]

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Ground Yourself Daily with Nature’s Foods

Hi there, My children and I are relearning about the unique role of plants in sustaining life; they are the foundation of the food chain on Earth. Plants take in the revitalizing energy of the sun. Greens are known to help our bodies to remove excess chemicals. Yes, our bodies can remove toxins. But, as […]

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