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What’s Your Health Mindset?

Hi there!  I have five questions for you today.  1. What is the role of your body?  2. Who chooses your health state? 3. Are you willing to change how you think about your health and make some health changes now that will benefit you in the future? 4. What is your health mindset? 5. […]

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Owning Your Truth Podcast With Rachel Grant

Within the storm is a clear reflection of you. I had the pleasure to be on Rachel Grant’s Podcast, Beyond Surviving. In this podcast, I share how I learned to own my truth of childhood sexual abuse and how I put my lessons in writing. Sometimes we must go back to reflect before we can […]

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Breaking The Tradition of Learned Responses

Over time, we’ve observed various responses to many situations. Whether it was an angry outburst, crying, the quiet treatment, or throwing something, we internalized many emotions because we thought these emotions were “the right way to act.” Many of us are angry, fearful, resentment, and we don’t know why. Sometimes, when others inquire why we […]

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