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My Breakfast Skillet on a Plate

Good morning! I didn’t know what I wanted for breakfast, so I let my creativity lead the way. I am so grateful my meal plans are flexible. As you fulfill your purpose, take care of your body (your vehicle for your divine purpose). You can always fit vegetables in your breakfasts. Skillet breakfasts are a […]

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Here’s One Way To Add Spinach To Breakfast.

Good morning Spiritual Beings,  Have you ever served your children crispy spinach for breakfast? This video shares how I make crispy spinach, particularly for my children. Cam is 10, and Cayla is 8. I’ve been making crispy spinach for approximately five years or more. Crispy spinach gives them some Omega-3 and one of their three […]

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Denny’s Flaxseed Pancakes Got Me Again

Hi there!Denny’s Flaxseed Pancakes inspired this Saturday and Sunday breakfasts. How can you get your Flaxseed in with your weekend Pancakes? Answer: Add some flaxseed to your favorite pancake batter. I believe it was last year when I tasted Denny’s Flaxseed Pancakes for the first time, and yum yum delicious🥰👍. I’ve shared my homemade version […]

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