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Our Family is Our First Team

Hi there! Often my mother told us that if you can’t do it for your family, you can’t do it for others. And, she meant it. I recorded Cam making his sister an omelet this morning. I started my children cooking and cleaning at an early age. They have weekly home maintenance activities (chores), and […]

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Nature’s Way: My Spring 2022 Garden Update

Hi there, I hope your Saturday is off to a great start! Gardening is one way I align with nature. In today’s video, I share my progress with my spring garden. I have more strawberry plants sprouting up, and look at my cucumbers and squash plants. It’s incredible how something so delicious and healthy for […]

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Are Masks a Violation of Rights or an Act of Love?

Hi, Spiritual Beings, Some states are seeing a rise in Coronavirus infections. In addition, some people are dying? What are your thoughts? Receive Five Spiritual Truths That Can Help You Heal From The Inside OutI want to support you in fulfilling your divine purpose in the best health possible. No experience defines you. Your… Make […]

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