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Life Principles I Learned from my Mother: Clean up as You Go.

Hi there, In this video, I share another one of my mother’s life principles and how I applied it to my mental and spiritual health and motherhood. In addition, I am so grateful to be a mother. Motherhood provides challenging opportunities for us to be the best versions of ourselves. For all the mothers out […]

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Here’s One Way To Add Spinach To Breakfast.

Good morning Spiritual Beings,  Have you ever served your children crispy spinach for breakfast? This video shares how I make crispy spinach, particularly for my children. Cam is 10, and Cayla is 8. I’ve been making crispy spinach for approximately five years or more. Crispy spinach gives them some Omega-3 and one of their three […]

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Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #11: Know Your Place and Get In It.

Hi there! Are you doing the work you love and feel at home with yourself? Often, we spend time living someone else’s life for various reasons. Maybe we regret not fulfilling our dreams or not being a good enough parent to our children (we over-parent our grandchildren or others’ children). Many have chosen careers that fit the generational […]

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