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Is An Apology Necessary For Healing?

Hi there,  I’ve seen this question a lot lately. In this video, I share my thoughts about needing an apology. When we rely on others to confirm our pain, we open the door for external means of healing, including alcohol, medications, and the like. Make this lifetime great! You still can! Timika

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What Do You Believe?

Good morning! Often my mother told her children that “God is not in a building. He is in our hearts.” Of course, the above statements don’t minimize any buildings or religions. But, our actions stem from what we believe at our core and not solely on what we profess. As my mother says, “we can […]

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Diabetes: Time To Get Off The Rollercoaster

Hi there! Life can seem like a rollercoaster, especially if you manage a diabetes diagnosis. But, you can do things to master your health instead of letting your health master you Read my most recent article, Diabetes: Take Your Life Back in 2022 (diathrive.com). Make this lifetime great! You still can! Timika Let me know […]

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