Life Lessons I Learned From My Mother

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Within every experience, there is something to learn. After experiencing childhood sexual abuse, I realized that I needed to do something different. Therefore, one day, standing between the crevice of my dresser and my bed, I looked up to the sky and said, “I want to be aligned with nature.” I longed not to experience something like that again. Unbeknownst to me, I asked nature to help make me more conscious of my experiences. And I knew there was more to my life than sexual abuse.

Over time, I obtained a copy of the New King James Bible and read it from front to cover on my shaggy carpet. My mother gave me a white bookmark, and when I saw what was on the other side of it, I dropped to my knees and memorized the Lord’s prayer. One day I sat in front of our floor model television and was captivated by a man with authority and conviction. He was on a mission, and he knew it. Jesus showed what true alignment with our Creator looked like, and knew what to do, say, at any given moment and reminded people of the power of faith. Faith forgives, heals, and loves unconditionally.

My testimony is not about religious conversion. It is about a spiritual quest to be the highest version of myself, and the only way I see that is possible is by aligning with the Spirit that created me. Over the next several years (10 up), I fought harmful thoughts (“I am trash. I am scared of men). And I switched life-changing terminology. I threw out the word mistakes, and replaced it with life lessons. I wanted to learn from life (student and spiritual approach) and learn more from others. I loved life, and I wanted to live it. Then, one day while walking in our living room, the thought came to me that life is about building character. There will be tests on our character. These tests are what we also call adversities. I’ve had dark valleys and high mountains, sometimes not knowing they were tests because I kept my eyes on God, a Higher Purpose, for my experiences.

Over the next several months, I will share on my podcast the life principles my mother taught me. Some of the principles she taught and continues to reinforce are:

  1. Give From The Heart and Expect Nothing In Return
  2. People Have A Tongue and They Will Talk
  3. Don’t Talk Me To Death
  4. Keep On Truckin

Now more than ever, I have reaped a harvest that has filled me from the inside out. I am a firm believer in the power “Train a child up in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

As much as I am a strong proponent for building solid foundations, we can still use the experiences we perceived as harmful. Because there is always something to learn about ourselves on every occasion, we must apply our knowledge and wisdom to our lives and future generations.

Make this lifetime great! You still can!!

Timika Chambers, The Lioness

Let me here for roar for not giving up!

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