Lesson 2: “Keep on Trucking”

“You may feel alone or feel like you are the only one traveling on a road. The path may appear dark.  You might not even have clear directions to where you are going. “Follow your heart”, mom would say, and she still says it today. It’s not about the crowd that’s following you. It’s about being true to yourself.
1. Decide what it is that brings you joy.
2. Let go of the things or change what is not bringing you joy. Trust yourself.
3. Speak up for yourself. Know your voice and use it. If you do not advocate for yourself, who will?
4. Learn from life experiences and keep moving forward holding your head high.
5. Be proud of yourself and give yourself credit for the work you have done.”


My mother’s words of wisdom

Notes on life


You may feel this urge or push to take the next step. What’s on the other side is more than likely what we need and maybe what we want to keep evolving to our highest self. Life is not supposed to be hard & difficult. We have what we need for our journey.

Where are you procrastinating in your life? What are you afraid of (others will not love you anymore, you will be considered “too good ” now, success, failure, losing yourself, not being part of the crowd, the list goes on). 

People have died without ever realizing their potential . Aren’t you curious to see how powerful you truly are? 

What do you know for sure that you should be doing? 

To your highest self,

This is your journey. Own it.

As long as you have breath, you still have a chance. What gifts, talents, skills were you given to serve the world? Someone believes you were wonderfully made.
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