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I believe that within us is the blueprint for taking care of our incredible body, mind, and spirit. Often our beliefs about energy, money, and time and others’ opinions stand in the way of loving ourselves. We may say we will do it tomorrow. Or, I don’t have enough time. Or, If I really want to pamper myself, it will cost a lot of money, and I need to save up for that big day. But what guarantee do we have that that big day will come or that we will even be here to enjoy another day?

The Truth is the time to love yourself is always now. Often, we know what we need to do for ourselves. But we don’t trust ourselves to take the right action. At some point, self-doubt crept into our inner garden (subconscious mind). Our beliefs about ourselves and life determine our actions. So, do you believe that your body is the vehicle for our divine message (gifts and talents)?

With so many diets, activity and spiritual routines, no wonder we sometimes feel confused and want to give up on taking care of ourselves. We listen to what has worked for others instead of listening to our bodies. We do know our body needs a certain amount of food, vitamins, minerals, rest, adequate sunlight, space, and activity to maintain harmony. Remember that inaction is action.

Nutrition For The Body:

I always felt that diets were restrictive, but approximately three years ago, I tried a diet (plant-based) for the first time out of curiosity. And, instead of feeling secure in my eating habits, I found myself distracted by how much of something and how often I should eat something. I believe it is important to eat fruits and veggies because of their nutritional elements, and we are a form of nature.

Regarding maintaining and sustaining a healthy weight, I have realized that when I listen to my body, my weight takes care of itself. Now, I’m not against diets, but sustainable health doesn’t come from outside of us. Often, I encourage people to ask themselves,

  1. How do you feel after eating certain foods (gassy, headaches, tired)?
  2. How do you feel (anger, envy, resentment, self-loathing, vengeance) before selecting the foods you want to eat? In other words, what are your intentions before you choose the food you eat? Are you fueling your body, or are you soothing your emotions and feelings?
  3. Have you taken the time to ask your body what it likes? What will help sustain your body?

Physical activity:

I no longer use the word exercise. Just like the word diet, many people associate exercise with restrictive images. As a young child, my family and I walked out of necessity. My mother didn’t get her driver’s license until she was 30, ten years after birth. So although we had plenty of people who took us wherever we needed to go, my family and I walked a lot. But, I loved walking. Walking for me has always been a way to clear my mind and allow it to wonder. I encourage people to pick the activity that works for them. The more you do something you love, the more you’ll want to do it. Whatever you choose, go slow and easy. We are not in a race but on a journey to become the best version of ourselves. Also, our body requires a balance of rest and work. I’ve learned that whatever issue I am having, solutions come in the morning.

  1. What activities do you enjoy doing and less often feels like work?
  2. How do you feel after the activity (more or less energetic)?
  3. How do you feel after limited sleep?
  4. Do you trust you will know the answer when you need to know the answer?

Spiritual Health:

When I think about spiritual health, my mind goes to the question, “How can you maintain balance and a sense of purpose?” One of the most popular activities for spiritual well-being is meditation. For me, I’ve learned that being with nature is not about a particular stance but a sense of belonging to something greater than me. Although specific positions may help quiet the mind and body, being with nature is not about positioning but believing. As a child, I’d sit on my long wide porch and stare at the gigantic tree across the street from our house. No matter the harsh weather, each year, the tree blossomed more beautiful than the previous year. I wanted to be as poised and resilient as the tree. Self-preservation is a force that lives in all of us.

  1. What do you resonate with in nature (trees, sky, water, birds)?
  2. Is your spiritual well-being important to you?
  3. Will you make time for yourself everyday to achieve balance?

No one health plan will look the same, and we must be okay with that. We don’t need to compare our eating, sleeping, and spiritual routines to others. We need to be who we are.

You deserve to live your best life regardless of your circumstances and experiences.

I am sending thoughts of Love, peace, and a safe holiday season to you and yours.



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