Are we students or victims of life?

No one chooses our perspective about life, but us.

Make this lifetime great!


The Monster Within

Over the years, anger, fear, guilt, shame, and resentment were frequent companions. Even after receiving & accepting the thought that life experiences produces character, I still permitted the dark side to seduce me at times.

On my 21st birthday, I sat in the tub and cried. I felt that I was growing up too fast and had not accomplished some of the things I wanted.

It would take me a few years to realize that I wasn’t fulfilled living someone else’s life—my mother’s dream of becoming a nurse. My commitment to becoming a nurse stemmed from my father’s interference with her dream of becoming a nurse and the need to program my navigation system with a sense of purpose after years of sexual abuse.

But, I never let go of the truth that there are no coincidences. Every experience and emotion helped me to find my way back to my Self. My faith in a higher power and my student perspective to life kept me going.

1. Anger- I would not desire my truth and to build a character foundation.

2. Fear- I would not know the difference between what I want and don’t want.

3. Guilt-I would not know what forgiveness and innocence mean.

3. Shame- I would not resolve to strengthen my weaker parts.

4. Resentment- I would not know what it means to focus on my life.

5. Vengeance- I would not know compassion and that every human is here to learn something.

Although I can list many reasons to justify my anger, I choose to move in the direction of light. The only monster there is, is the one I create by not managing my emotions effectively. Who I create is often who and what I attract.

Am I better or worse for my emotions? When I feel that they serve an underlying purpose to unite me with my purpose, I can only be better.

Now, amid the coronavirus pandemic, I am becoming me. I am no longer fearful of dying with my Truth. I am determined to live my Truth.

Make this lifetime great one moment, one day at a time.

Timika S Chambers

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What Do You Really Want?

When we try to understand, we soon realize that everyone searches for Truth.

Do we really want hatred, illusionary power, divisiveness, or any other dark element?

When we seek the truth with all of our heart, only then will we know what we have always known.

Be free and live out your divine purpose.