Your life is not over with yet.  Things could get better.

Better It is better to come to your calling now than never. Even if you are much older than what you wanted to be. This week’s theme and Podcast. Timika Chambers Resurface your Purpose

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You teach others how to treat you. If others see that you are not a priority in your life, why would they treat you any different?

In order to be there effectively and efficiently for others, you must glitter yourself with some love each and every day…..A timeless lesson. Glitter Getting the right amount and quality of foods, rest, and physical activity throughout your day and week are not fads. Adequate rest, meal planning, and physical activity must be a lifestyle. […]

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Lesson 3: Be grateful for what you have, and you will be blessed with more.

Taking care of what you have been given (life, a house/ apartment, food, clothing, shoes, etc) is an expression of gratitude. 1. You are guided to eating healthier foods, eating meals 4-6 hours apart or frequent small meals, and maintaining a reasonable weight for your body. 2. You are guided to increase physical activity. 3. […]

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