Construct: When will bullying stop? Words can facilitate healing or destruction.

Construct Construct thy words so that they lift others up, and ye shall be lifted in character and morality. The words you speak say more about your current state of mind/being than it does about the other person. Bullying affects individuals, families, and communities. Why does the freedom of speech become the reasoning of some […]

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Culture: What will we do?

Culture Are you able to see the beauty and truth in someone else’s culture? I am thankful for the diverse cultures that we have and so much truth and value in what others practice.  I believe that there is so much to learn from other cultures instead of belittling and discriminating groups of people because […]

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Artificial vs. Authentic self?

Artificial .Do you laugh at others when they make  mistakes (otherwise when they experience  life lessons along their journey) or encourage them to keep trying and not to give up. You trust that their missions are their missions in life and not yours, and it is okay that their missions/projects differ from yours. You […]

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