Construct: When will bullying stop? Words can facilitate healing or destruction.


Construct thy words so that they lift others up, and ye shall be lifted in character and morality. The words you speak say more about your current state of mind/being than it does about the other person. Bullying affects individuals, families, and communities.

Why does the freedom of speech become the reasoning of some to disrespect others, not only behind closed doors, but also in public? Who defines beauty? Is beauty not in the eye of the beholder? Why do some individuals discriminate based on anything that is not like them, whether color, race, culture, religion, eye color, etc.)? When does our perception of beauty give us the right to call someone by a name other than what they were given at birth, especially when the name is perceived to be offensive? If it was a name fitting to the individual, would not the mother, father, or loved one have chosen it?

It is unsettling to hear and see that bullying is still going on in elementary and high school, college years, and beyond. According to the CDC, in a 2015 nationwide survey of high school students, 20% report bullying in school, and 16% reported bullying electronically . There seems to be a relationship between bullying and suicide. It is noted that those who are being bullied are 2-9x more likely to consider suicide (

Many individuals persevere and try their best not to stoop to such low standards. My mother, like many other mothers, taught their children the importance of treating others how you wanted to be treated. My mother did not even like the four letter word….p _ _k. Look, I can’t write it, let alone say it. We all have our moments when our emotions/feelings may get the best of us, but are we not supposed to mature emotionally, mentally, and socially as we age?

Unfortunately, for some, bullying must hit close to home before we consider it serious enough. As parents, I believe that we are obligated to stop behavior in our children that does not serve the greater good. If we do not address and impress concepts such as honor and respect with our children, they may grow up as adults who have no concept of treating others with respect nor honoring humanity and the spirit of others.

Let’s continue to advocate for the rights of others to be respected regardless of their differences. At the core, I believe that we all want to feel valued, loved, and accepted as we are.

Keep your head up and know that you are beautiful in the eye of our Creator.

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