Moody: Sometimes the things we don’t want to do, we need to do.

Moody Many individuals, including myself, at times, let our emotions direct our actions.   We may give into our negative emotions (feel moody) and start thinking negative about life .  Our thoughts influence our actions.  As a result of negative thinking, we may stop taking consistent action in achieving our goals. I spoke to one of […]

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Elicit action versus inaction: What is the real issue?

Elicit What inspires some to achieve their goals and others to quit and not achieve their stated goals is what I continue to face daily.  We are all different, yet, I believe we are all equipped with what we need to live our best life. 1. Is it because it is not the right time […]

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Giant as it may seem……

Giant Many tasks may seem overwhelming at times. I find myself: Sitting down and making a list and/or visualizing what I need to do—How I am going to carry out the action? What are the best possible steps? What are my resources and how will I use them? 2. Breaking the task into small […]

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