Moody: Sometimes the things we don’t want to do, we need to do.


Many individuals, including myself, at times, let our emotions direct our actions.   We may give into our negative emotions (feel moody) and start thinking negative about life .  Our thoughts influence our actions.  As a result of negative thinking, we may stop taking consistent action in achieving our goals.

I spoke to one of my brothers this past Friday, and his life mantra is Process, Progress, and Reward—Richard L. Jones, Jr.

Your journey is a process.  Monitor your progress.  Graciously accept your reward.

How many times have you found yourself make a goal, plan how you are going to reach the goal, and then find yourself making what you think are valid reasons to stop doing the very things you know you should be doing?  One of your excuses may have been “I didn’t feel like doing it because it’s too hard.”  The roller coasters you find yourself on may be the result of your emotions.  One day you are up, the next day you are down..just like your actions…

You may have made a goal to…

  1. work out every morning for sixty minutes and suddenly you find yourself making excuses (weather is not right, late night the night before, you are not getting the results quick enough, etc.), and you stop
  2. read books written by those who have succeeded at what you are trying to do; you are good for about a month, and you stop.
  3. plan by using a calendar to map out  how you will achieve your goals, and you achieve one goal, and you stop.
  4. Eat healthier foods to lose weight, yet you find yourself going back to your old habits at holidays, parties, vacations,  and just because “you want to”, etc.
  5. Attend a weight loss class or support group because what you are doing is not working and you stop going because it is in the evenings, and you would rather be at home watching your favorite T.V. show.
  6. Make a list for groceries so that you do not overspend, and you stop because it’s boring or time consuming,  and you like spending your money without limits.

I have used excuses that “I just don’t feel like it” or “this is not working out” or “this takes more time, and I would rather not do it.”  Later, I would find out that, that action I did not want to do was exactly what I needed to do.

Everyone has a learning curve; the more you do something, the more you will get used to it. The more you are doing it for you and not others, the more you will stick to your goals and plans.  The more you positively reward yourself, the more you will stick to your goals, and plan.

Use your emotions to positively fuel you instead of stop you from achieving your goals.

You are worth the investment.  Let’s dream in 2017 and beyond.

Decide what it is that you want to do (overall goal) and break down into smaller steps.

Reflect consistently on your goals and progress.

Educate yourself-It has been said that successful people leave clues.

Allow yourself time to work on you

Motivate yourself to be the best you can be. What’s your mantra and tools you use to keep yourself going in the right direction?

What I say to you…I say to myself….

Will you rise to the challenge in 2017?  Will you rise to your true self in 2017 and progress forward?

Our journey is a process.  Choose progress.  Reward yourself.


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