Relax and reflect


Do you take time to relax and reflect everyday?

I believe that it is important to have balance in your life. We should take time to relax and reflect on what we did that day, what worked, and what we can do better the next day. I believe that self-reflection should occur daily. You don’t have to drive yourself crazy with every bit of detail. Let what you need to give some thought come to you. If it is something that you need more time to consider, then write it down. Instead of purchasing journals, I purchase notebooks in August when school supplies are on sell.
Trust yourself.

The sooner you are able correct yourself and come up with a better plan for the next day, the better. The more you wait to do something, the more likely you will forget.

Thoughts and ideas tend to come much more easily when our brain….our body is relaxed.

Have you taken time to relax and reflect today?


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