Faded: put those negative thoughts to rest

Faded Faded are the old ways of thinking: Make the most of your life. 1. To no longer live life on someone else’s terms. We all have the right to follow our own dreams and passions. 2. To no longer occupy the day with just things to do. To press forward, we must intentionally plan […]

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Smoke and what I remember

Smoke When I was in nursing school back in 1996, I remember being shown two pair of lungs…one in which the individual was a smoker, and the other pair in which the individual was exposed to second hand smoke. After seeing the black spots and damage to the lungs, I vowed then to not smoke and […]

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Transformation When I decided to live a healthier life, I knew I needed a mental transformation first. There had to be a desire to choose healthier foods and to increase my physical activity. When I finally made the decision to “change my ways”, everything else (eating more fruits and vegetables, less fried and fatty foods, […]

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