When you find out who you are, you can be who you are….

My husband and I rented a movie from the local Drugmart a week or so ago, and I cannot get out of my mind how this person wanted to be and do things (play the piano proficiently, wanted more action in his life, and kept dreaming of his life being different).  He was brainwashed to believe that he was someone else and led a life that confirmed it.  He worked for a company he did not like and was bored of the work.  His life did not change until he took a chance….. until he ventured out to at least be in a fantasy world and be who he wanted to be.  They were going to knock him out with an injection, and he could, momentarily, be in a fantasy life…the life he wanted..  It was crazy because even his “wife” who knew the truth and would eventually try to kill him, played into who he was not…just as long as he believed who he was not.

My husband text me today about how a mass murder occurred on the same date I was born.  He further wrote me about how that same person was told that he would never be anything like his brother.  It confirmed, to me, that one’s childhood is a very critical period and it matters how you label your child when he is young.  It matters in the names you call your children.  It matters who your child becomes because who your child becomes affects the life of others literally and possibly painfully.  Our words can be hurtful.  Our anger can be contagious.  We have to be more conscious of who and what our child hears and sees. Do not let anybody define you. Know who you are.

I am still trying to figure out the name of the movie…

Timika Chambers


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