Are we evolving for the greater good?

Are we evolving to our highest selves as a nation embracing thoughts of compassion,  freedom, kindness,  liberty, freedom, love, resiliency, reverence, or are we as a nation allowing our growth to be stunted by thoughts and beliefs of divisiveness, hate, inferiority, and  superiority?

I have been wondering about this question for a few months, if not in my subconscious for years…even, I guess,  when I was a young girl.  We are in the process of choosing our next president, and I have been troubled by the comments made, over the past months,  regarding women, children, and individuals with disabilities and of certain cultures/ethnic groups/race.  When I think of a leader….a President, I think of a role model…of someone who rises above conflict and not stoop down to attack the other person or the person’s characteristics when he or she feels attacked.   My mother was big on us not talking about each other or calling each other names outside of the name given at birth, as well as being focused on creating and maintaining peace instead of conflict.

Also, I  never understood how we can treat individuals so unfairly based on the color of your skin, the neighborhood you grew up in or currently live in, how much money you make compared to them, education background, gender, and anything else…without even knowing who you are.  I do believe that any of us can quickly be in the same situation as the person we judge.  People have lost entire savings, and some have ended up homeless in a matter of months.  Then they are treated as they used to treat others. Some are even  looked down upon by the same people they used to hang out with.

In addition, as I understand our existence, GOD/Creator is in everything…..and if GOD/our creator is in everything, I see different colors, shapes, sizes, in almost everything around me-plants/trees, children’s blocks/toys/ kitchen utensils, food, clothes, etc .  I mean you name it, there is probably more than one color and different shapes the product come in. Do you categorize and split up our basic necessities of life or even the desires of our heart..including that beautiful black dress or that black Mercedes.  When we look at the definition of the word black, we see the same meaning, regardless of what we call black.

If we are expressions of our GOD/Creator, then as Wayne Dyer notes in Change your thoughts , change your mind, in reference to the 10th verse to Tao Te Ching, it is essential that we  ” embrace oneness by seeing yourself in everyone you encounter.”  I am no better than the next person I see. I see us all as carrying  lit torches to become better individuals, better communities, better countries to a better nation.  How else can we enjoy this life…this earth we have been blessed with?    Also, I do believe that how we treat others is a reflection of how we feel about our selves…self hatred displays hatred, and love displays love…fear displays fear.  It is not so much about the other person, but who we are on the inside that determines our expression on the outside.

If we cannot work together, grow together, as one….how are we to survive?  Who are we embracing?  Does that person have the same values, the same vision, you have?  Will your attitude be…”it doesn’t matter who I choose as President, as our leader/Chief Executive of the United States, “my vote does not count?”  Will we be just as serious about choosing our President of the Unites States, as we are about the care we drive, the house we live in?


I am just asking……





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