Monthly Archives: January 2017

Lesson 3: Be grateful for what you have, and you will be blessed with more.

Taking care of what you have been given (life, a house/ apartment, food, clothing, shoes, etc) is an expression of gratitude. 1. You are guided to eating healthier foods, eating meals 4-6 hours apart or frequent small meals, and maintaining a reasonable weight for your body. 2. You are guided to increase physical activity. 3. […]

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Let your light shine. Others will be curious why you continue to be on “fire” for your life.

Be true to who you are. It’s not about what others are doing. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do you. Timika

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Rest up today and make a plan for your week.

Your heart, brain, and the rest of your body will love you for it. Timika

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