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Our Family is Our First Team

Hi there! Often my mother told us that if you can’t do it for your family, you can’t do it for others. And, she meant it. I recorded Cam making his sister an omelet this morning. I started my children cooking and cleaning at an early age. They have weekly home maintenance activities (chores), and […]

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Here’s One Way To Add Spinach To Breakfast.

Good morning Spiritual Beings,  Have you ever served your children crispy spinach for breakfast? This video shares how I make crispy spinach, particularly for my children. Cam is 10, and Cayla is 8. I’ve been making crispy spinach for approximately five years or more. Crispy spinach gives them some Omega-3 and one of their three […]

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Dinner: Mexican-Inspired on Wednesday

Usually, Tuesdays are my Mexican-inspired dinner days. But, I had the taste for quesadillas today. I fixed Cam and Cayla cheese-spinach quesadillas with buttered rice and creamed broccoli. And I added bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms to the adult quesadillas. Everyone had homemade guacamole except for Cayla. She’s not there, yet. My dips were salsa […]

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