Our Family is Our First Team

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Often my mother told us that if you can’t do it for your family, you can’t do it for others. And, she meant it. I recorded Cam making his sister an omelet this morning. I started my children cooking and cleaning at an early age. They have weekly home maintenance activities (chores), and we cook together at least once a week. In addition, Cam and Cayla help make their lunches throughout the week. I want my children to know how to cook and maintain their home and do it. No one in the family should be doing all the work because families work together. In other words, our first team is at home.

Find out more about our recipes, my thoughts about family, and others at timikaschambers.com and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose Facebook Community.

Make this lifetime great because you still can!


Timika S Chambers, The Lioness
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Fulfill Your Divine Purpose
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