Here’s One Way To Add Spinach To Breakfast.

Good morning Spiritual Beings, 

Have you ever served your children crispy spinach for breakfast? This video shares how I make crispy spinach, particularly for my children. Cam is 10, and Cayla is 8. I’ve been making crispy spinach for approximately five years or more. Crispy spinach gives them some Omega-3 and one of their three green vegetables for the day. I am helping our children love vegetables, especially green vegetables, and take care of their bodies, which are the vessels for their divine purpose. Remember spinach is a no fat and cholesterol food and contains fiber (2 grams), protein (2 grams), and only 3 grams of carbohydrates (low carb). 

Unfortunately, meal plans in America are usually low in fiber, which helps maintain blood pressure and digestion and improves cholesterol levels.

Like you, your children are here for divine purposes. So let’s give them the nutrients they need to help take care of their bodies and reduce their risk for disease and illnesses. 

Make this lifetime great! You still can! 


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