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Home Cooking Is a Way to Release your Creativity.

Hi there Spiritual Beings! I hope your weekend is off to a great start. Home cooking can seem daunting for some, but like other experiences, we need to change our beliefs to change how we feel about cooking at home. Home cooking is not about getting the measurements right but allowing your inner creativity to […]

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Here’s One Way To Add Spinach To Breakfast.

Good morning Spiritual Beings,  Have you ever served your children crispy spinach for breakfast? This video shares how I make crispy spinach, particularly for my children. Cam is 10, and Cayla is 8. I’ve been making crispy spinach for approximately five years or more. Crispy spinach gives them some Omega-3 and one of their three […]

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Greens: A Natural Alternative

Hi there! I hope all is well with you and yours! Are you allowing nature to help you achieve and sustain optimal health? Check out my new post regarding greens. How are you getting more greens in your meal plan to increase energy and satiety and decrease calories? Remember, there is no quick way to […]

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