Home Cooking Is a Way to Release your Creativity.

Hi there Spiritual Beings!

I hope your weekend is off to a great start.

Home cooking can seem daunting for some, but like other experiences, we need to change our beliefs to change how we feel about cooking at home. Home cooking is not about getting the measurements right but allowing your inner creativity to flow. I understand that you want people to eat your food, like your food, and create healthy meals. But, you will never know what you need to improve unless you try.

Usually, I use measuring cups when I first try a recipe, and then I try to make the dish my own by alternating ingredients, taking some elements out, or adding others. After that, I feel so free to follow my instincts. Sometimes my meals are delicious. Sometimes, they need work. But, at least I tried and took the time to see what was on the other side of my cravings and desire to be creative. In addition, I cook from the heart, allowing love to sprinkle its seasonings in my meals.

With home cooking, you have a better idea of what you are eating and feeding your family and those you love. 

Make this lifetime great because you still can!


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