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Two of My Favorite Types of Popsicles

Yesterday, I made two of my favorite popsicles. They did need to freeze overnight, but Cayla and her father couldn’t wait. When her dad told her the popsicles weren’t ready, Cayla responded, “I don’t care. I want one.” Anyway, I’m glad they liked them! I love creating and modifying recipes for a healthier version. I […]

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Life Principles From My Mother #4: As Long As People Have Tongues, They Will Talk

My mother often told us we couldn’t control what people said. But, Make this lifetime great! You still can! Timika

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Owning Your Truth Podcast With Rachel Grant

Within the storm is a clear reflection of you. I had the pleasure to be on Rachel Grant’s Podcast, Beyond Surviving. In this podcast, I share how I learned to own my truth of childhood sexual abuse and how I put my lessons in writing. Sometimes we must go back to reflect before we can […]

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