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Remember Who You Are Series #6: The Power of Gratitude

Hi there, I know often, when we think of pain (mental, physical, etc.), gratitude is the last thing we think about. But thankfulness is the virtue that can help ward off the weeds of despair, fear, hate, resentfulness, shame, and the like. Gratitude can pick us up when we have fallen. Thankfulness can bring light […]

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The Seeds We Plant Series #9: Service

Hi there! When you think about the virtue, service, what comes to mind? For example, do you feel confused, exhausted, or resentful about your work? Do you serve to please others or to feel good about yourself?  Like many other virtues, we have stepped off the narrow path. Many of the health conditions we have […]

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The Seeds We Plant Series #7: Responsibility

Hi there! Will becoming more responsible lead to more peace and unison among human beings? As a parent, we can promote responsible behavior in the home by modeling it and openly communicating with our children. Simultaneously, we can increase awareness of our children’s actions, words, and behavior by using teaching moments to nourish the seeds […]

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