Self Esteem

Self Esteem I am self esteem Can you see me, hear me, Or taste me? I am self esteem Where do you find me? I am self esteem I am with you 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week Taking in all the internal and external information That could help or hurt me. IContinue reading “Self Esteem”

A Poem: Freedom from Apology

Freedom from Apology I am going to be the best That I can be With or without an apology. I am worthy and deserve respect There is no one who can deny that fact. I release my anger, fear, guilt Resentment, shame, and tension. After all that I have been through, They deserve to beContinue reading “A Poem: Freedom from Apology”

When you find out who you are, you can be who you are….

My husband and I rented a movie from the local Drugmart a week or so ago, and I cannot get out of my mind how this person wanted to be and do things (play the piano proficiently, wanted more action in his life, and kept dreaming of his life being different).  He was brainwashed toContinue reading “When you find out who you are, you can be who you are….”