Sincere gratitude

As I reflect on today and the past, there are many things that I would like to express sincere gratitude for; I am thankful:

  1. To be alive and have lived a great portion of today.  I know many people, from high school, family, and friends who are not alive today.  Life is not guaranteed.  I love Tim McGraw’s song Live life like you were dying.  His song reminds me of the importance of living each day to the fullest and to have fun.  I am getting better at this!
  2. For my past and present.  Our past experiences were not meant to make us bitter.  We are to learn from our actions and their consequences…so that we can be more compassionate when others commit the same life lessons, and even show others how to live through events and be stronger and better…You cannot break something that is already whole.  Enough time feeling sorry for events that happened in the past.  Live for the present and plan to make the best out of this life.  As in #1, we never know when tomorrow or today will be our last day.
  3. For the ability to think clearly and make rational judgments.  I love the ability to self-reflect and make better decisions.  You are what you feed yourself, including the people and things you expose yourself to.  Keep mindful of the company you keep, the shows you watch, and the music you listen to.  No one is perfect; it’s okay to strive for excellence!
  4. To have a “roof over my head”.   In 2013, over 12, 000 people were homeless in the state of Ohio.  It’s getting cold outside and every fall/winter, I am so grateful to have a warm home.
  5. For the ability to write and document life.  I have been keeping a journal since I was 13/14, and it’s such a blessing to be able to write to understand life and life’s concepts.




Copycat: No thank you!


Many individuals, across the spectrum of race, religion, gender, age, culture, etc.) have done and continue to do some amazing things.  Some of our great leaders continue to use their status to advocate for others and encourage us to be who we are; these influential individuals, include, but are not limited to Oprah, Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Arthur Ash, and Martin Luther King.  Other great leaders, I admire, include anyone who takes a stand against negative action, exemplify courage and advocate for all to be treated equal are great in my book. It’s not so much about the messenger, though, it is about the message that is being shared with you.  The message I hear and see over and over is  to be yourself–to be who you were created to be. You get to decide who you want to be.  I believe it is important to embrace and nurture you and not so much focus on the faults of others.

We all have work to do.  Choose beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that you feel is right for you and does not violate the rights of others ……

There is nothing like being yourself–to embrace who you are and everything that comes with you (taller than everyone in your class, wear bifocals, one foot larger than the other,  unique voice, etc.).  When you think that you stand out in the crowd, because you have decided to be yourself and do what’s right or right to you, then be proud of yourself.  Being you is priceless.

  1. I love waking up each morning and getting another chance to live my life regardless of my past.

2.I appreciate the opportunity for second, third, fourth chances and so on to get

things just right.

  1. I love designing my own wardrobe and not worrying about what’s in style.  If you wait long enough, whatever it is will come back in style.

4. I appreciate learning from my own life lessons and the lessons of others—

…..    preferably more  from the lessons of others

5. I appreciate my brain and the ability to think for myself. I love the ability to

self-evaluate and continue to get better at what I do….the list goes on……



I hope you love yourself and continue to feel comfortable in your own skin.  It’s pretty cool to know that there is only one of me and one of you!!





Underground: Things kept in the dark have a way of revealing themselves.

When we think no one is watching, we may need to think again. The truth has a way of coming out.

I remember thinking as an adolescent that our life’s journey is supposed to strengthen our character. Of couse, we are not to judge others and continue to let someone’s past cloud our vision about them. We should carry the same compassion and understanding that we would want others to show for us. Once we know better, then we should make better choices, right?