Your Individualized Healing Path Depends On…..

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How we respond to our pain becomes the lenses to how we interpret our emotions, experiences, feelings, and thoughts. Like physical symptoms, our mental symptoms provide the necessary input to help us heal.

Since I was a young girl, I loved walking. Sometimes, I would walk in the house, in our front yard, or to the park. There is something about putting one foot in front of the other and receiving clarity of thought.

Sometime after my experience with incestual sexual abuse ended, as I was walking in the living room, a thought came to me. “Life is about building character.” Then, I thought life experiences test my character. I needed to work on myself instead of spending time rehashing what happened. On that day, the student approach to life was birthed.

When the thoughts of feeling like trash and being scared of men came to me, I realized who I didn’t want to be. I didn’t want to spend a lifetime of suffering. I wanted to enjoy my life, for I felt it was my right to do so. 

When I felt angry, disappointed, guilty, shameful, resentful, and vengeful, I allowed myself to feel my emotions and feelings. Somehow I knew that denying my experience with sexual abuse and how I felt were not helpful to me. As a student of life, I needed to accept my entire childhood sexual abuse experience. 

Thankfully, I didn’t know what sexual abuse, incestual abuse, and manipulation meant as a child. Not labeling my experience helped me to focus on being who I wanted to be.

As time went on, I realized that my emotions, feelings, and thoughts were not to hurt me but to help me heal from the inside out. I didn’t make excuses for the two family members or myself. I accepted and acknowledged my part for keeping the dark secret.

All of us have the potential to heal. Our healing path depends a lot on how we perceive our mental symptoms and the world. If we believe others are out to get us, then we are a victim. If we believe that our mind and body are against us, we will see them as traitors and treat them as such. 

But, if we truly believe that our mind and body are speaking to us to heal us, we are moving along the path to accepting ourselves, including our past. 

The more we deny what happened to us, the more we prolong what is rightfully ours.

There is an individualized healing path leading us out of the dark wilderness of childhood sexual abuse to the other side of pain. Acceptance and love are waiting for you.

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How long we prolong our divine right to heal and enjoy our gift of life is up to us. If no one has told you, I am telling you that your story matters and so does your healing. I know that healing is possible and a process and you deserve every moment of joy, freedom, and living your best life. 

May you find your healing path and reunite with your purpose in life. You deserve it!


MSN BSN RN, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, ACE Fitness Instructor, CDCES

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These Questions May Help You Change Your State of Mind

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Call Me By My Name

I never liked labels. Early on, our mother taught us to call people by their names, a principle she learned through her personal experience with teasing and through someone she loved. 

During my mother’s childhood, people teased her about her “skinny legs.” She shared her disappointment with her father. Then, he shared his story of being teased about the size of his head. She never forgot what it felt like to be teased or her father’s lingering pain from childhood; therefore, she was passionate about reinforcing her principle to call people by their name.

When some family members described an out-of-town family member, they described her by saying she was “crazy.” When I met the family member, I realized that she was not crazy; she was misunderstood. But, I saw the impact of other’s opinions on her identity. I saw the pain in her eyes; there was more to the wounds she had.

When I graduated from nursing school, some people referred to me as a “nurse.” I didn’t like that label either. I just wanted to be Timika, a person that is more than her experience. Part of what helped me to move forward from childhood sexual abuse, was avoiding labels based on fear.

For the first time I watched approximately 40 minutes of Oprah’s new show The Me You Can’t See, last night. Unfortunately, we live in a world in which people project their fears and insecurities on others. I believe many of our adulthood issues stem from our childhood wounds often projected by others. At some point, we believe that others’ opinions mean more than what we think of ourselves. Fortunately, illusions do not stand up to the Truth. The Truth is in us and waiting for us to recognize that we are not what others think of us.

Our parents had reasons for choosing our names, including in memory of a loved one, someone they admired, or the love of a particular name). Who am I to trash over that name? Now, I admit that I am not an expert at remembering names, but I do try. I go further in seeing beyond a person’s name. I see a person who matters and is here for a divine reason.

We are all on a journey of self expression and identification. Especially in childhood we need time to figure ourselves out without the opposition of others. In the same breath, we must know we can’t stop others from talking. As my mother told us, “as long as people have a tongue they will talk.”

Although I learn from my experiences, I am not my experiences. I am not my detours in life, career, profession, or trade. I am not your opinion or stereotype of who I should be. I am not the color of my skin. I am a divine spirit in a unique human form with a mission to complete just like you.

We must know who we are so we do not fall for who we aren’t. You are more than your experiences. You are here for a purpose.

Make this lifetime great!


I would love for you to be a part of my community bent on healing from the inside out, achieving and sustaining the best health possible, and reuniting with our divine purpose, which is the Light within us.

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